Esi-Loza Inc.


Esi-Loza Inc. has partnered with many renowned brands, government agencies, logistics providers & others, to promote, distribute, provide and offer many popular and unique liquors beside offering excellent services to the customers online & offline. The excellency in offering the best services to our customers and clients wouldn’t have been possible without the co-operation and support from our partners, vendors and suppliers. Highlighted bellow are some of our elite partners, vendors and suppliers in business.

Partner Government Agencies

Esi-Loza Inc. is currently working with LCBO in the province of Ontario, SAQ in the province of Quebec, LDB in the province of British Columbia & AGLC in the province of Alberta as licensed supplier of premium wines, vodka, brandy and rum.

Logistics Partners

Esi-Loza Inc. is currently working with Canada Post, UPS Logistics, FedEx Logistics & DHL Logistic offering local and international shipping services to customers in Canada & abroad. We are also in the process of getting more delivery options for local delivery.

Liquor Vendors

Esi-Loza Inc. is a proud sole distributor & Importer of Rtvelisi Georgian Wine & Spirits, exotic Carta Vieja Panama Rum, Petergoff Vodka & Sarajishvili Wine Brandy in Canada. We are also contentiously sourcing and working towards bringing you more exotic liquor brands in near future. 

We are always looking forward to the beautiful future that can be achieved through partnerships and long term business relationships. If you are interested in partnering with Esi-Loza, you can always Write us your interests to One of our executive from the Esi-Loz Partner Relations & Business Management Dept. will get in touch with you shortly to discuss mutual business interests.